Collection in windows network share does not show up
I added a collection from a windows network share but it is not showing up when I access collections. Only the local files are showing up. When I added the collection from windows network share, the showed verification succeeded so I thought the app was able to access the files. Is there anything else I need to do to access the files from the windows network share?
Did you rescan the collection? Please go to "Access your collection" and from the context menu in the top-right corner (or from pressing the "Menu" button on your device) select "Rescan the collection". Please note the collections are not rescanned automatically.
Thanks. That did it. I didn't know that I have to rescan the collection.
Welcome. Probably I need to add a notification dialog when collection is changed, reminding users to rescan. Did not want to do it automatically, as network collections might take lots of time to rescan, and you might not want to do it right away.

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