Access to NAS - No songs found
Hi guys,

I would like read my karaoke song collection stored on my synology NAS on my TV. The songs are in cdg and mp3 format. I'm using a Nvidia Shield and I installed Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player on it. I checked but found no any other app able to read this song format on android.

So installation of Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player was done successfully, then I went in "Change the settings" in order to define a collection. I added a new collection and I set the smb:// adress of my NAS with name and password. At this time the NAS is properly verified "Verification succeed".

However, when I want to access my collection I get the message

"The collection is empty
Do you want to scan your device for karaoke songs?"

Then I click "Yes"

But unfortunately I get the following message:

"No Karaoke songs found
The scanner did not find any Karaoke songs in any scanned collection"

What's wrong!? Is it possible to read cdg/mp3 files using Ulduzsoft Karaoke Player directly from a NAS?

If yes how shall I proceed?

Many thanks in advance for help.
How fast the scan happens? Does it access NAS at all?
Quite quick actually. I don't know if it access the NAS or not. In the settings the verification is OK.
Did anyone run into a problem when the scan keeps crashing? What did you do to fix it?

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