Insert Color Change and Export to CD+G
I've got a project with color-coded lyrics for a duet (male-blue, female-pink).

In the Lyric Editor, I've done an Edit / Insert Color Change in various points, but upon processing my lyrics through Project / Export CD+G File, the colors don't come through.

Some of my specified colors are changed to a different color, and some are changed to the colors as per Specify CDG Parameters / Options / Colors.

Is there a workaround for this?
Please attach a project file.
(12-17-2014, 04:08 PM)george Wrote: Please attach a project file.

Hi George. Thanks for taking the time to respond to this.
I'm running this on Windows Vista 32 Bit Business OS, Service Pack 2 on a Dell Inspiron 546 desktop computer.

As I see it, I've inserted a light blue / turquoise color in front of each of the 3 blocks of lyrics which start off the song (the guy's part), then a pink color in front of the next 3 blocks (the gal's part). The following blocks are left to the default color, then the pattern repeats...

I get the results I expected when testing the lyrics.

However when I produce and then test the CD+G I get, for the guy, a grey color font, for the gal a white font, and for both, an orange font. All fade to yellow as they are sung, which is what was set up in the CD+G parameters for the "sung" color. But what I'd like to see the app do is not introduce any color parameters which are different from the preview which one gets when they test the lyrics.

Thanks again in advance for any insight into this.Cool

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One additional nuance on "Insert Color Change"; the command results in a double "@@" leading off the control character string for the color command. It appears that only a single "@" is required as the extra symbol is displayed during "Test Lyrics".

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