Special format of KFN file
I've received several KFN files and found that this type of file cannot be read by your player.
The format is different from others (Header KFN3).
Could you take a look on it ?
I cannot add the file to this message.
If you want to take a look give me the adress where I can send it.
If anyone has some informations about this type of KFn (Header begins with KFN3 or PK and the KFN3 header is localized at the end of the file), we could exchange our informations.
The KFN format is used by karafun.
I author karaoke files.
My process is to use karafun studio which has a nice interface for synchronizing lyrics with the music.
This allows me to create a karafun file which can be used by KJs using the karafun player.
The KFN embeds the audio, lyrics, and other layers into a single file.

Step 2 is to export the enhanced lyrics file from karafun
Then I use the linux programs awk/sed to convert the lyrics file into one that can be used by lyrics editor.
Mostly I find/replace the </> with [/]
and I split the file into 8 line sections and find and replace certain sensitive words.

I use that file in Lyrics Editor to create the CDG.

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