Error playing some songs in MP3+G format
Latest version shows: lenght=12345.. ; index=12345.. when I trying to play such files
Can you please send me an example of a song which isn't played?
Ок, send it.
The trouble is in lrc file:
[ar:The Beatles]
[ti:A Taste Of Honey]
[00:08.1]A taste of honey
[00:10.6]tasting much
[00:12.4]Sweeter than
[00:14.12][00:20.6]I dream of your <----------- time is doubled, when I cut one of it file is playing well.
[00:24.1]first kiss and then
[00:27.7]I feel upon
[00:31.2]my lips again

Songs with such timings about 30% of collection, and i do not want to edit all, cause dobled timings needs for text better precision, and in PC karaoke soft plays without errors.

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