Karaoke Player reports incorrect number of files
This bugs the hell out of me... LOL
I have 600 files in my Android Karaoke folder.  300 CDG and 300 MP3.  When I scan in my collection in only reports 299 files.  Now I scoured these files for mismatched names thoroughly and cannot find any errors.  This happens with either the canned expressions or custom expressions.  This doesn't seem to effect the playing of any of the files since I copied that entire directory to my PC and used my PC karaoke player to see if all of them would start.  Has anyone else noticed this?


A Karaoke file is a COMBINATION of one CDG + one MP3 file with the same file name. Thus you have 300 Karaoke files, not 600 Smile

Now why one is not detected? Most likely there is mismatch in file names, i.e. MP3 is named "One love.mp3" while CDG is named "One  love.mp3" (note the extra space between "One" and "love".

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